Respecting the Human Temple

It’s easy for those of us involved in spirituality to completely bypass the part our body plays in this particular process. I find myself often wanting to transcend the limitations of Earth and reach for the stars–to a place of no pain, no separation, and just pure unconditional love. However, I’ve found it’s so important to ground our spirits in our physical bodies and really appreciate them. Our bodies are beautifully designed pieces of art that deserve the utmost respect and care to function best.

The better you treat your body, the more finely tuned it will be to receive divine energies from higher realms. When the body feels loved, it is in a better position to provide you with the answers you are searching for! There are many ways to love the body: by consciously appreciating it and thinking kind thoughts about it, nourishing it with fresh and healthy food, and with physical activity so the blood can circulate and energy can reach all parts of the body. When you feel great in your body, this opens the doors for your mind and your spirit to bring in higher vibrations. It’s a cycle and once you get that positive momentum going, the quantity and quality of boundless vitality and well-being you can feel is infinite!

Take the time today to do something to respect your body — go on a nice long walk, eat a nourishing meal, take a long hot bubble bath, or treat yourself to a massage. Your body is your spirit’s employee, so if you want the highest and most efficient results in your life you should treat it well!

Yin Yang

On this planet, in this dimension, there is polarity. Light and dark. It is everywhere, it is within us all. But light and dark are not inherently wrong or right…they just ARE. They are not “good” and “bad” or “holy” and “evil”…these are just labels that humans have given them and are a figment of our collective imagination. All is one. Therefore, morality is relative. If we are all connceted and are equal parts of the whole, who gives us the right to say that one thing is better than another? It is all equal.

Light cannot exist without dark just as dark cannot exist without light. If one or the other is not acknowledged within as well as without, this is where deception and suffering comes from. It is only in the reconciling of this apparent contraditction that you will tap into your full potential and power.

Do not be afraid of the dark. It has much to offer if you are listening. And also, do NOT be afraid of the light. Our light is our source of true power. Do not be afraid of your greatness…do not be afraid to dream and then turn those dreams into reality. If you are afraid of doing this, your life will be a wasted opportunity for something beautiful and healing for our planet.Image

Life is Symbolic

Have you ever gone through your day viewing every image, every person, and every situation symbolically? Symbolism is inherent in our physical, tangible world. Life is full of symbols if you are able to open your eyes and read between … Continue reading